Before I had ever begun putting pencil to paper, I knew that I wanted my guitars to display the same courageous spirit that led my ancestors to shape not only their destinies, but that of Texas as well. From the legendary “Come and Take It” cannon to the sacrifices of “The Immortal 32” of the Alamo, to the battle cries of San Jacinto and beyond, these rich stories run deep in Texas lore. I’m proud to say the Clements family helped play a part in the Texas Revolution and shape the state we call home.

My guitars are not simply musical instruments, but a way for me to honor and continue telling the noble history of not only my ancestry, but that of all Texans. Joseph D. Clements’ original signature, pulled from an authentic document from the Texas Land Grant archives, serves as the official Clements Guitars logo on all headstocks and remains a constant reminder that pioneering spirit, grit, and devotion to cause are the prerequisites for those who desire to carve out a lasting legacy.

W.S.Clements III

Meet The Luthier

From my days as a member of the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets, to my time at the Galloup School for Guitar Repair and Lutherie and as an apprentice at a small shop crafting world-class instruments, detail and quality have been ingrained in every facet of my work. I take great pride in the finer aspects that allow each Clements guitar to stand apart from the pack. It is a blessing and an honor for me to be able to share these instruments with the world, but even more so for musicians far more talented than me to take these creations and make beautiful music with them.

W.S.Clements III

Legacy & Heritage

“I cannot, nor do I desire to deliver up the cannon… We are weak and few in number, nevertheless we are contending for what we believe to be just principles and only through force will we yield. God and Liberty.”

– Joseph D. Clements to the Army of the Mexican Republic September 30th, 1835. Dewitt Colony, Texas

The Clements signature, etched into the headstock of each guitar, is a testament to the signature forever etched in the landscape of Texas history.

The name represents an unwavering commitment to principle-based decisions & an acknowledgement that the future is shaped by present action. The quill and ink instrument used in 1835 has given way to the wood and wire used four generations down the line to create instruments for hands cutting trails across musical terrain.

History of the 32 Series

Craftsmanship & Quality

“Luthier” – a craftsperson who builds, repairs and restores stringed musical instruments such as guitars, violins, and cellos. From the French words “luth”, meaning “lute” and “-ier”, meaning “maker.”

Craftsmanship requires time, a stringent demand for quality, and skill born of wisdom passed down through the generations combined with thousands of hours of actual experience. From our insistence on tediously hand scraping each guitar to reveal its unique grain to utilizing old world glues and finishing techniques, each Clements guitar is a playable piece of art with its own story to tell.

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