Texas Wood & Wire

Handcrafted In Bryan, TX


Legacy & Heritage

The Clements signature, etched into the headstock of each guitar, is a testament to the signature forever etched in the landscape of Texas history. The name represents an unwavering commitment to principle-based decisions & an acknowledgement that the future is shaped by present action. The quill and ink instrument used in 1835 has given way to the wood and wire used six generations down the line to create instruments for hands cutting trails across musical terrain.

Craftsmanship & Quality

Every Clements Guitar is crafted with the commitment and grit displayed by Texan pioneer Joseph D. Clements at Gonzales in 1835. Our “32 Series” electric and “JDC” semi-hollow electric embody the rugged individualism and freedom of expression found in The Lone Star State.

Our Guitars


“It’s pretty big, the history behind this guitar and this company. It’s absolutely beautiful, it’s a gorgeous guitar. It plays extremely well and I’m honored to be touching it… it’s a beautiful piece.”

Josh Burke

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Quality craftsmanship and extreme playability. It’s an effortless guitar to play!

Marcus Eldridge

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